Range of Motion Project


Alta Andina believes that the more we can connect people with the great outdoors, the better chance we have of preserving those natural spaces. For some, the ability to enjoy time in nature is difficult if not impossible. 80% of amputees live in low income countries, and only 2% have access to proper care. Amputees are not disabled by a missing limb, but by a missing prosthesis. The Range of Motion project believes in empowerment through mobility, a phrase that aligns with Alta Andina’s promotion of access to nature for all. Alta Andina donates 2% of our profits to the Range of Motion Project to further our aligned missions of access and enjoyment of the great outdoors for all.

Since 2015, Climbing for ROMP has brought together amputees from around the world to climb a peak in Ecuador at over 19,000 ft. In accompanying the Climbing for ROMP team, Alta Andina has seen first hand how proper care changes lives.

Solidarity climbs happen globally, you can join a solidatarity climb near you, check out the CFR Page to find your local hike.

You can make donations directly to ROMP here. Every $1,000 raised provides a prosthesis for someone in need.