Enjoying the outdoors is a form of activism in and of itself. While you’re out hiking, we encourage you to go one step further; come prepared – bring small trash bags, a pair of gloves if you fancy, and clean up your local trail.

Actions speak louder than words. The simple act of reaching down and picking up that piece of trash serves as a wake up call for someone else on the trail. We personally carry bags on the trail and pick up trash on the way back from our hikes. Trash usually accumulates at the beginning of the trail – around trailheads and parking lots. When you see plastic shimmering at you, let that synthetic twinkle be a reminder to start filling up your bag. 

Alta Andina is proud to support the #TrashTag movement. Our goal is to get trash off the trail and to remind people that through collective actions, however small, we can make an impact.

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