Product Care

Leather Product Care:

  • Treat your leather 1-2 times a year
  • If your product is completely soaked through with rain, dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight, apply treatment once dry
  • Buff the treatment into the leather using a non abrasive cloth, brush or sponge
  • Treatment may affect the color of the leather, be sure to test in a discrete area first
  • Recommended treatments: cold pressed or virgin coconut oil, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Obenauf’s

One of the first rules we ever learned as children was to, “treat others as you want to be treated.” At Alta Andina, we believe the same sound advice holds true for your prized possessions. Taking care of your leather products as you would take care of yourself will lead to your Alta Andina products aging as uniquely and beautifully as you. Alta Andina leather can be stiff out of the box, but over time, the natural oils from your skin, and exposure to the elements will naturally change the look and feel of your leather. This naturally occurring change is referred to as a patina. Your product will reflect the adventures and lifestyle you put it through.  With proper care, Alta Andina products are designed to last a lifetime.

We’ve mentioned Chamberlain’s Leather Milk and Obenauf’s specifically because these treatments use natural oils and beeswax as their primary ingredients. Coconut oil is a good natural alternative that can be found around the house. After treating your leather products, you may notice a thin, white film left behind. Buff the treatment into your leather using a non abrasive cloth, brush or sponge. Please be cautious not to use anything too rough on your products, as it could leave a permanent mark. At the end of the day, leather was skin from a cow. If its too rough for your skin, its too rough for leather.

When leather is exposed to the elements, a light coat of treatment helps return a healthy balance natural oils to the leather. If you get caught out in a downpour and your leather is soaked all the way through, dry it out in the shade being careful to avoid direct sunlight. Once dry, treat your leather as detailed above. Don’t stress about a light drizzle, our leather can take it. Drying out your products should ideally be done in the shade, and with some time. Your leather products aren’t ski socks or snowboarding gloves; you can’t leave leather drying on the radiator. There are probably better ways to dry your smelly socks, too

José Jiménez Ikat Scarves Product Care

  • Due to the natural dyes used in these beautiful handmade scarves, extra care is required for washing
  • Hand wash only in cold water
  • Dry out of direct sunlight to avoid color fade
  • In general, it is best to store out of direct sunlight as well

José Cotacachi Wall Hangings Product Care

  • Due to the natural dyes used in these tapestries and their handwoven, delicate nature, extra care is required for washing
  • Spot clean only
  • Use a natural spot cleaning treatment
  • Folex is a trusted brand and can be easily found on Amazon or many brick and mortar retailers