Every product we produce is sustainably and responsibly sourced and manufactured. We carefully consider providers in our supply chain, and every input in our products. We only use natural and recycled materials in our supply chain. Our focus is on crafting the highest quality, longest lasting product possible, while sourcing and manufacturing everything in the Andean region. As we grow, we’ll be incorporating camelid fiber from Llama, Alpaca, Vicuña and Guanaco, recycled polyester (PET), waxed canvas, ecological cotton and Andean plant fibers into our supply chain. We started with leather as our primary input to call attention to the problem of the global chrome tanned leather market. Read more about why we started with leather in our FAQs section.

High-Quality Hardware

We use only solid metal hardware in our products. Hardware can make or break a product. High-quality hardware leads to better functionality and usability for our clients, and helps the product last a lifetime. Learn more.


At Alta Andina, every material we use, and every detail of our supply chain matters to us right down to the box your product arrives in. Learn more.