Minimalist Leather Cardholder


  • Handcrafted Minimalist Leather Cardholder
  • Leave your bulky wallet at home
  • Sized to fit multiple cards – credit cards, business cards, ID and cash
  • Slim leather cardholder is comfortable in your front pocket
  • Full grain, vegetable tanned leather, dyed with natural anilins
  • Hand burnished with natural beeswax
  • Hand stitched – every seam stitched by hand using heavy gauge thread
  • 4 L x 2.7 W inches
  • Backed by our Lifetime Warranty
  • Crafted in the Andes – 100% sourced and manufactured within our local Andean supply chain



Handcrafted Leather Accessories In Their Natural Habitat

Product Specifications

Fit everything you need in our full grain, vegetable tanned leather cardholder and leave that bulky wallet at home. Grab our ultra slim leather cardholder out of one of our valet trays on your way out the door. With such a comfortable pocket feel while you’re on the move, you’ll forget our hand stitched card holder is even in your pocket. Our minimalist yet functional design allows for enough space to fit multiple cards and cash. Bring your credit cards, ID, business cards and cash wherever you go without the burdensome bulk of a traditional wallet.

About The Leather

At Alta Andina, we use the word natural a lot; it’s out of necessity in describing our natural Andean leather. The tanning, dyeing, and finishing of our leather is all 100% natural.

To start, we leave the leather in its natural form, that is to say its full grain form. The grain is the outermost protective layer of the hide, where leather gets all its strength and durability. Scars, marks and variations in color are all characteristics of full grain leather. Many companies choose to sand down or alter the grain, opting for a blemish free surface instead of quality, long lasting leather. We think that’s a bad choice. The natural variations in our full grain, vegetable tanned leather make each product truly one of a kind.

Our natural Andean leather is tanned using a blend of natural tree tannins, Quebracho and Mimosa, two trees native to the Andes. We use only 100% vegetable tanned leather.

Our Miel, Café, Natural and Noche colors come from natural anilins. Once tanned, hides are placed back in the tumbler with natural aniline dyes so that the leather absorbs the color completely. We never paint or spray any synthetic finishes on our leather.

With exposure to oxygen, sunlight and the natural oils from your skin, your product will change in look and feel over time – that change is called a patina, and it is a hallmark of full grain, vegetable tanned leather.

Environmental Impact

The sights, flavors and experiences of travel create some of our most vivid memories. Unfortunately, most things we own around the house have traveled farther and wider than we could even dream. Leather products often bounce between the eastern and western hemisphere several times before they’re purchased. That travel means boats, planes, trains and automobiles – and the fuel, exhaust and pollution that accompany those forms of transportation.

Products within this global supply chain create 10.25 times more CO2 than sourcing and manufacturing everything within our local Andean supply chain. We reduce the carbon footprint of our products by 90% compared to the global norm – just from the reduction in transportation alone.

Alta Andina Local Andean Supply Chain: 252 lbs. CO/ product

Global Supply Chain: 2,581 lbs. CO/ product

Learn more about our focus on reducing the carbon impact of every product through our local Andean supply chain.

2 reviews for Minimalist Leather Cardholder

  1. Zane Lopich

    Truly a minimalist design, I don’t carry cash and it fits all the cards I take out with me. Love the look of the stitching

  2. Rick W

    Hate bulky wallets and this one fits just what I need

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