Macana Series: Handwoven and naturally dyed Ikat scarf – Red & Black

The ripe fruits of Nogal, the Andean Walnut tree, produce these vibrant reds, while the black color comes from Tierra, rocks and minerals ground to produce the deep black color. These scarfs are sized more like shawls, making them versatile and wearable in many styles. The hand finished and knotted fringes on the edges are the defining characteristic of the macana, the name in Spanish for this traditional Ecuadorian shawl.

This scarf is mostly red, with larger hollow black diamonds creating the pattern throughout.

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Product Specifications

  • Warp and Weft both 100% Cotton
  • 193 x 58 cm
  • 76 x 23 inches
  • The fringe is about 13 cm or 5 inches on each side
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