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Alta Andina is comprised of five founding members – Greg Krupa, Ryan Hood, David Gamburd, Tyler Andrews and Paul Quiñonez.

Greg Krupa

In addition to his work as CEO of Alta Andina, Greg Krupa is also the owner and founder of Novulis, a social enterprise that owns and operates mobile dental clinics to provide affordable care for workers all over Ecuador.

Greg received his global MBA from Tulane and University of Chile and before that received his undergraduate degree from University of Oregon. Novulis has expanded its capacity significantly in under two years and has delivered care to thousands of patients around the country. Greg and his older brother Dave (and his two daughters) live in Quito, Ecuador as well.


Ryan Hood

In addition to his work as head of operations and supply chain, Ryan Hood is the owner and founder of Bandido Brewing. The first Bandido’s location in Ecuador was in a dangerous area of old town Quito before Bandidos helped turn the area around by working with the local municipality to provide municipal service for the whole neighborhood; something that had been absent before.

Bandidos has recently opened its third location. Ryan is an Ecuadorian citizen and would be happy to sing the Ecuadorian national anthem for you, or show you his passport.

David Gamburd

David Gamburd came to Alta Andina after a successful young career in sales and community organizing. David’s whole career has been dedicated to protecting the environment. After graduating from University of Oregon, he began by fundraising for nonprofits going door to door. David then sold residential solar systems with SolarCity (now Tesla Energy).

In five years at Tesla, David went from entry level sales, to training and mentoring new sales staff. David, his fiance Cori, and their dog Autzen currently live in Quito, Ecuador and will transition back to the US to manage the business there.

Tyler Andrews

Tyler is a world class professional distance runner actively competing on behalf of Hoka One. Tyler has strong ties to Latin America through his high altitude training program Strive. Through Tyler’s Strive program, he trains high school and college runners at high altitude in Peru, where they also do community service projects.

Tyler recently attempted to break the world record for the 50km race, and while he successfully broke the American record and the record on the track, he came just short of the overall world record. His marathon split was olympic qualifying time, and Tyler looks forward to competing for an olympic spot in 2020. Tyler currently lives in Peru with his wife Mariana, and they will move to Boston after the Strive training program ends this summer.

Paúl Quiñonez

Paul Quiñonez is a lawyer, entrepreneur and administrator. Armed with both a law degree and an MBA, Paul is focused on creating positive impact for Ecuador and the Andean region and helps Alta Andina with almost everything.

A native Quiteño, Paul perfected his English through an exchange program at Indiana University. In Quito, Paul lives with his wife Maria Paz and their dog Lorenzo.

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