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Too often it is difficult if not impossible to know the true impact of a product. Information on how and where something was made is obscured, often intentionally. What are companies hiding?

Alta Andina highlights every natural or recycled material utilized in our products, and emphasizes our local Andean supply chain of providers and manufacturers. We disclose every input in our products, where we source it, and who puts it all together. By sharing the information about the exact makeup of our products, from where individual inputs are sourced, and our suppliers, we aim to promote brand to consumer transparency.

Design extends far beyond sketches, ideas and CAD drawings. During the design process, Alta Andina considers the utility and longevity of our products for our clients, the environmental consequences created by our products and processes, and the wellbeing of our providers and manufacturers. That’s why we say Alta Andina designs products with our clients and nature in mind.

Alta Andina is focused on a return to natural materials, while incorporating recycled plastic and polyester. Our first line of products is composed of vegetable tanned leather, which is finished with natural oils and beeswax.

The natural tannins come from Quebracho and Mimosa, two trees native to the Andean region.

Our Materials:

Natural Andean Leather:

100% full grain, vegetable tanned leather finished with natural olive oil and beeswax. Alta Andina only sources leather from Curtiembres del Valle, a family run tannery in San Gil, Colombia, specializing in vegetable tanned leather for more than 50 years.


Hand Stitched:

Every seam is stitched by hand.

High Quality Hardware:

100% brass and copper hardware. Rustic copper rivets.

Local Andean Supply Chain:

Alta Andina sources and manufacturers every input in our products from the Andean region – where every product is crafted by hand.

Guaranteed for Life:  

Alta Andina products that carry the lifetime guarantee are here listed below. The guarantee and warranty applies to any and all manufacturing defects. For inquiries, please email a photo and a brief description of the defect to warranty@altaandina.com.

Alta Andina is proud to use natural Andean leather from Curtiembres Del Valle. Our leather is 100% full grain, vegetable tanned leather. Natural blemishes, marks and scars come are part of the package with quality leather, leaving the grain intact is the most important element of a leather’s longevity. Just like each one of us, every hide is distinct and may have scars, or scratches that tell its life story. Alta Andina celebrates the unique beauty of each hide, leaving the grain and the integrity of the leather completely intact. With time and use, oils from your skin, sunlight and oxygen all change the appearance and texture of the leather. That change in the leather is called a Patina and is one of the hallmarks of vegetable tanned leather. The warranty does not apply to any natural marks, normal aging or wear and tear. Please read our product care instructions and contact us at warranty@altaandina.com if you have questions.

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